Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan Republic sign MoU on rail cooperation

 Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan Republic sign MoU on rail cooperation

Moscow, March 7, IRNA – Railway delegations from Iran, Russia and Republic of Azerbaijan in a trilateral meeting here on Tuesday signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) on railway cooperation.

During the trilateral meeting, rail common tariff for the year 2017 was considered.

Deputy Managing Director of Iran Railway Company Ibrahim Mohammadi and member of board of directors of the company Hossein A’shuri are members of the Iranian delegation in the negotiations.

The Iranian delegation in their 3-day stay in Moscow had meetings with Russian commercial and transport companies as well.

Iranian and Azeri delegations are to visit Russian Railway Research Institute and control center.

By connection of railways of the three countries a big part of railway for north-south corridor is to be active.

North-south corridor is to complete corridor from Helsinki, Finland, to Mumbai, India, length more than 7200 kilometers , which connect northern European countries and Russia through Iran and Azerbaijan Republic to Indian Ocean countries and southeast Asia.




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