Iran, Kazakhstan sign transit cargo transportation tariff

Iran, Kazakhstan sign transit cargo transportation tariff

Tehran, Feb 21, IRNA – Iran and Kazakhstan signed a deal to curtail transit cargo transport tariff.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Railway announced on Tuesday that based on the railway cooperation agreement, the two sides will ease railway tariffs of the export and transit goods.

Signatories to the deal were Deputy Head of Iran State Railway Organization for Exploitation Affairs and his Kazakh counterpart Arman Sultanev.

Based on the agreement, the export good tariff cut agreement will be in force as of March 1.

The Kazakh railway will afford necessary discount on transport of Iranian exported goods.

Moreover, the transit goods carried from Kazakhstan to the Central Asian republics by Iranian railway will be subject to the discount.

Mohammadi told IRNA that the Iranian State Railway Organization had devised discount over the past few years to increase transportation of transit goods on China-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway.

He said the discount is hoped to multiply the bulk of the transit goods in the corridor.

He noted that Kazakh railway plays an important role in the transit of goods from China to Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe.

“Based on the deal, the tariff on transit of goods, metals, aluminum, refrigerated containers for transportation of fruits to Russia will be eased,” he added.




source : irna

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