Iran to build 12 new oil refineries

Iran to build 12 new oil refineries

TEHRAN, Feb. 01 (MNA) – A NIORDC official, while expounding on Iran’s new refinery projects, said construction and implementation process had begun for 12 new oil and gas condensate refinery complexes.

Arman Moghadam, Director of Corporate Planning and Member of the Board of Directors of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), said presently nine refineries with an aggregate total capacity of 1.73 million barrels are functioning across the country adding “Setare Khalij Fars Gas Condensates Refinery will soon come on stream with a refining capacity of 120 thousand barrels per day.”

The official also stated that the country enjoyed 13 thousand kilometers of pipelines for transmission of crude and petroleum products; “moreover, more than 5,500 petrol, gas oil and CNG stations are performing in Iran.”

He emphasized the need to optimize and renovate Iranian oil refineries in the post-JCPOA era commenting “besides Setare Khalij Fars complex, construction of a new 30-thousand-barrel heavy oil refinery in Jask Port has been put on the agenda.”

Moghadam further referred to the plan to build Anahita Refinery in Kermanshah Province with a capacity of 150 thousand barrels stressing “construction of Siraf refinery complex remains as yet another refinery project to be carried out in Iran.”

The NIORDC official said executive operations for consolidation, optimization and improvement of production processes had begun at Abadan Oil Refinery with a total capacity of 210 thousand barrels per day and by using Chinese financing; “at the time being, 88 thousand barrels of fuel oil are produced in Abadan Refinery on a daily basis though one aim pursued by the developmental project is to minimize fuel oil output.”



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