Iran, France sign 5 MoUs on economic coop.

Iran, France sign 5 MoUs on economic coop.

TEHRAN, Jan. 31 (MNA) – Iran-France business forum that was held Tue. in Tehran with foreign ministers and private sector representatives in attendance, concluded with the signing of 5 documents for joint cooperation.

The five memoranda of understanding signed between the economic actors of the two countries include a document of cooperation on development of Mashhad Airport, a document on construction of a bioethanol factory in Kermanshah, and two documents in the field of fisheries with the aim of producing caviar and technology transfer for sturgeon pisciculture.

Another MoU was signed between Alborz Chamber of Commerce and a French company on holding aviation training courses and pilot training for Iran and regional countries.

During the forum, Vice-President of MEDEF International Thibault de Silguy said “these meetings provide the opportunity to establish closer relations for economic, technical and scientific cooperation.”

Stressing that French companies are not merely seeking presence in Iran’s domestic market, he added “the majority of French companies seeking cooperation with Iran have targeted joint cooperation for regional activities and education through Iran. Iran’s chamber of commerce can play a significant role in bringing the private sectors of both countries closer than ever.”

He further deemed the MoUs signed in the presence of Iranian and French presidents a turning point for improvement of economic relations between the two countries after the implementation of Iran nuclear deal.

“With removal of obstacles caused by international sanctions, there is now ample opportunities for industrial cooperation with Iran,” he said, adding the level of cooperation with Iran will further increase in the future. 




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