Iran 3rd exclusive trade exhibit to open in Baghdad in February

 Iran 3rd exclusive trade exhibit to open in Baghdad in February

Baghdad, Dec 31, IRNA – Iran's exclusive trade exhibit will open in Baghdad on February 12 for the third consecutive year, offcials said on Saturday.

It was supposed to open on January 15, but, organizers said that the exhibit will be held in February.
Iran's commercial attaché in Iraq Ibrahim Rezazadeh confirmed the new schedule.

The exhibit aims to get Iraqi companies and investors acquainted with Iranian industrial capabilities.

In new era, after getting rid of Daesh terrorism, the Iraq government gave priority to implement development projects in industry and the producing sector.

Iraqi trade officials said that Iraqi government has allocated more than 1.5 billion dollars for the first phase of industrial development.

Iraqi government planned to go ahead with economic development by cutting import and dependence on oil and create jobs, opting for industrial development as a means of remedies for national economy.

Iranian industrialists are to present their capabilities in technical macnhiery and setting up production lines in the fair.

Rezazadeh said that Iranian indusrtialists are interested in joint venture investment in Iraq.





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