Iran, Iraq form utility coop. guild

Iran, Iraq form utility coop. guild

TEHRAN, Dec. 19 (MNA) – At the order of Iran’s Energy Minister Chitchian, Iran and Iraq have established a joint association for cooperation in water and electricity sectors.

Bahram Nezamolmolki has been appointed as the director of Iran-Iraq utility cooperation association which was shaped at the order of Hamid Chitchian, Iranian Minister of Energy.

Given the ever-increasing technical and engineering collaboration with Iraq in water and electricity sectors and the neighboring country’s 90-percent share in exports of relevant services, the association was opened at the decree of Iranian energy minister in order to pave the path for elimination of existing barriers on ties.

The association undertakes several responsibilities in water and power sectors including pursuing demands of state and private sector companies from the Iraqi sides, removing barriers to participation of private sector in electricity exports to Iraq and following up allocation of credit lines for implementation of power industry projects in the neighboring country from the National Development Fund.

Additionally, the newly-formed society will bolster relations with the economic department of Iran’s Embassy in Iraq as well as with commercial attaché of Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) of Iran.

Other tasks to be shouldered by the guilt include consultation with relevant institutions to provide export activists with facilities in turn for their outstanding demands from Iraqi employers upon offering supporting documentation and verification by Iranian Electrical Industry Syndicate.

The association is also required to support investment and transfer of technology, construct production lines in Iraq in order to manufacture common supplies and equipment as well as to prevent destructive competition between Iranian companies who deploy utility industry services to the Iraqi market.




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