Italian holding company eyes constructing hotels in Iran

Italian holding company eyes constructing hotels in Iran

Isfahan, Dec 11, IRNA – Italian holding company, Sycamore Holdings, has expressed eagerness to invest in hotel construction projects in Iran.

Sycamore Holdings is interested to prepare the ground for the Italian companies to invest in Iran's and especially in Isfahan's tourism projects as well as hotel design and construction in the historical city, said Raniero Botti Head and Founder of the Italian holding company during a meeting with officials at Isfahan's Chamber of Commerce on Saturday.

The senior architect at Sycamore also said the implementation of the nuclear deal between Tehran and major world powers, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, constitutes the best opportunity for foreign investors to engage with the Islamic Republic.

Mostafa Ronasi, Deputy Head of Isfahan's Chamber of Commerce, on his part, said that Isfahan needs to develop its tourism infrastructure, including its hotels and foreign tourist's residences to better host foreign visitors.

We welcome foreign investors, Ronasi said.

Headquartered in the Italian capital Rome, Sycamore Holdings is internationally well-known for designing and constructing hotels and other buildings.



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