19 Iranian firms allowed to export fisheries to Russia

19 Iranian firms allowed to export fisheries to Russia

TEHRAN, Nov. 13 (MNA) – Head of Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO) Mehdi Khalaj announced that so far 19 Iranian companies have received licenses to export fisheries to Russia.

“Recently, a number of companies active in farmed fish processing as well as dairy industries have been introduced to the Russian side and obtained export licenses,” said the official.

Khalaj went on to note that these farmed fish processing companies, which have been approved by Russians, as situated in various Iranian provinces like Tehran, Mazandaran and Kordestan.

Farmed fish processing companies approved by the Russian side in the central and northern part of the country, such as Tehran, Mazandaran and Kurdistan, he underscored.

Head of Iran Veterinary Organization stressed that “Iranian traders are now allowed to launch exports to Russia given that their names have been put on the approved list of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Khalaj, while recalling that health requirements mark the red line for all countries in exchange of agricultural products and livestock, said “Iran Veterinary Organization seeks to provide sanitary requirements for export and import of products in the field of livestock and poultry.”

“In line with the same strategy, Iran has launched cooperation with world countries in areas of vaccines, drugs and biological drugs,” Mahdi Khalaj commented.

IVO head further reiterated that “strict measures taken by countries in health issues is to ensure that imported goods impose no health risk to human population, livestock, plants or the environment.

“Of the four dairy companies introduced to Russia, two have received export permits,” noted Khalaj asserting “Russian is a major consumer of Iranian shrimp and exports of the sea product to the Eurasian country will continue.”





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