Europeans after Iran's petchem products

Europeans after Iran's petchem products

Tehran, Oct 15, IRNA – Production Control Manager of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) said European countries are after Iran's petrochemical products in post-sanction era, adding that exports to Latin America and Africa are being expanded.

About 30% of Iran's petrochemical products were exported to Europe but anti-Iran sanctions caused gradual removal of green continent's market from Iran's customers' list.

Ali Mohammad Basaq Zadeh said that petrochemical products exports to different countries including Iran's traditional customers especially those located in South and South-Eastern Asia are being done according to the previous plans.

He added that about 10m tons of petrochemical products were exported during the first half of current Iranian calendar year (beginning on March 20).

He reiterated that in order to participate in international markets, petrochemical complexes have to promote the quality of their products.

Iran is capable of producing 61 million tons of petrochemical products per year which is to be expanded to 120 million tons by the years 2025-2026.

About 19 million tons of petrochemical products worth $9.5b were exported last year.



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