Iran, World Bank coop. more likely in future

Iran, World Bank coop. more likely in future

TEHRAN, Oct. 11 (MNA) – Vice-President of World Bank (WB) has voiced satisfaction towards advancements in Iran’s macro-economy.

Kyle Peters, World Bank's Vice President for Operations Policy and Country Services (OPCS), outlined the talks with Iranian Economy Minister Ali Tayebnia on the sidelines of World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings 2016 in Washington DC. as breakthroughs in Iran’s economic collaborations with the world.

The World Bank official pointed to the launch of new ties between the international organization and Iran in the past six months saying “we have defined new framework of cooperation with Iran while including Tehran’s stance and we hope that relations will rise soon from consultation level and technical assistance.”

Iran’s Tayebnia, for his part, pointed to ending of international sanctions stressing “Iran holds a long history of cooperation with the World Bank while in the new round of ties, we urge taking advantage of all capacities to help with structural economic reforms on the basis of domestic policies.”

The Iranian economy minister went on to delineate the latest status of the country’s economy; “Iran remains a founder and major share-holder of the World Bank and expects the international financial institution to fulfill its obligations and expedite new collaboration to compensate for periods of enforced inactivity.”

“Iran holds a positive view towards international cooperation though it acts according to its national requirements,” he continued.

Speaking at a separate meeting with Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of International Finance Corporation (IFC) Philippe Le Houerou, Economy Minister of Iran Ali Tayebnia mulled over exploiting IFC’s potentials to empower Iran's private sector.



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