Iran to export medicinal herbs to 3 countries

Iran to export medicinal herbs to 3 countries

TEHRAN, Sep. 26 (MNA) – Iran has signed a number of MoUs with three countries for the export of medicinal herbs, director for export development corridor said Mon.

Malek Saeidi, director for export development and technology exchange corridor for Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, talked about the activities and programs organized for the third exhibition of medicinal herbs that was held in Tehran early September, adding “due to its immense diversity of plant species, Iran has the potential for becoming a good export market for many other countries.”

He maintained that Iran has been for years exporting botanical products to Pakistan, UAE, China, Japan and Germany, adding “the long history of medicinal herbs use in Iran indicates the ancient science of herbalism in our country.”

“With the improvement of the packaging of these plants and paying special attention to the standards of the target market, the development of medicinal herb exports will be very promising,” he added.

Saeidi referred to the measures taken by the corridor in order to develop the export market for medicinal herbs, adding “one major move by the corridor was the invitation of trade delegations from other countries such as Singapore, Iraq and Afghanistan, to introduce them to our top knowledge-based companies active in the field of botanical medicine.”

He added that a number of memorandums of understanding were signed between these trade delegations and a number of Iranian knowledge-based companies.




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