Official: Iran exports 32 million cubic meters gas a day

Official: Iran exports 32 million cubic meters gas a day

Tehran, Sept 21, IRNA – Managing Director of National Iranian Gas Export Company (NIGEC) Alireza Kameli said on Wednesday that Iran exports around 32 million cubic meters gas a day.

Full exploitation of South Pars phases and development of the shared and independent gas fields, Iran's gas production capacity will augment the gas output to more than one billion cubic meters a day at the early 2018, so, Iran would opt for new markets for gas export.

Turkey, importing around 10 billion cubic meters Iranian gas a year, accounts for major Iranian gas customer.

Armenia developed barter trade with Iran, supplying electricity in return for Iranian gas.

Meanwhile, Iran is currently doing swap deal with Azerbaijan republic, so that Iran supplies gas to the autonomous republic of Nakhichevan through Jolfa and takes delivery of Azeri gas through Astara in return.

He said that Iran is considering proposals about the gas swap with other countries, including the swap of Turkmen gas with Turkey, Kameli said.

Iran signed two gas contracts with Iraq on export of gas and the pipeline is ready as well, but, because of insecurity in the country, the gas export to Iraq has not started yet.

The contract on gas export to Pakistan is not still operational and Islamabad did not fulfill its commitments in this concern.

Negotiations are underway with southern states of the Persian Gulf for the gas export.


Source: IRNA

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