Iran to build 2200 freight carriages with Russian finance

Iran to build 2200 freight carriages with Russian finance

TEHRAN, Sep. 18 (MNA) – RAI vice-president said a total of 2200 freight cars will be added to Iran’s rail fleet by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (started March 20).

In a comprehensive plan pursued by Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI), a total of five thousand carriages will enter the existing rail fleet in a partnership among three domestic companies as well as a Russian firm, said Deputy Head of RAI for Trains Fleet Babak Ahmadi adding “the cars will be manufactured locally though the Russian side will undertake financing issues."

The official stated that, in addition to arrival of 2200 new freight cars, a total of 235 passenger carriages will also be added to the county’s fleet 64 of which will belong to the private sector while 56 self-propelled wagons will be owned by RAI and the remaining 115 are going to be restored from among the out-of-work cars.

“Train fleet department is in charge of restoration of oil cars though the repaired facilities will be delivered to the passenger department,” he continued.

Ahmadi underlined that all 235 passenger carriages will be manufactured locally though self-propelled wagons, mainly comprising rail buses, will be purchased by RAI to be used for suburban transport purposes.

The financing process for the 64 self-propelled cars has been already carried out while the rest of the remaining capital will be supplied by the private sector.



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