Georgian Envoy: Tehran-Tbilisi relations very promising

Georgian Envoy: Tehran-Tbilisi relations very promising

Tehran, Sept 6, IRNA -- Georgian Ambassador to Tehran Ioseb Chakhvashvili said on Tuesday that Georgian relations with Iran are very promising.

Chakhvashvili made the remarks in an exclusive interview with IRNA.
Chakhvashvili said that decision to cancel visa for Iranian citizens was good move, and that it will encourage Iranians to develop tourism cooperation with Georgia.

Right now, there are 10,000 Iranians living and working in Georgia and that the Georgian government encourages Iranian and Georgian companies to develop joint venture cooperation.

He said that currently trade stood at 200 million dollars and Georgia is willing to raise the current trade to dlrs 300 million in next 2-3 years.
Two years ago, we succeeded to sign an agreement with European Union and received privileges.

We established several commonwealth companies by Iranian and Georgian firms, which can produce goods in Georgia and use 100 percent of the privileges Georgia took from EU.

It means that the goods produced in Georgia would be supplied to the European market without paying any tariff, so it accounts for 15 percent privilege.

The Georgian ambassador said that Georgian government is willing to use Iranian railway networks for trade with the outside world, adding that negotiations are underway with Iranian railway officials in this respect.

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