Iran, Italy to coop. on Tehran-Chalus highway

Iran, Italy to coop. on Tehran-Chalus highway

TEHRAN, Sep. 03 (MNA) – Deputy road minister has announced Iran’s collaboration with an Italian company for the architectural design of Tehran-Chalus highway.

Speaking at a meeting with representatives of the Italian company responsible for architecture and landscape of Tehran-Chalus highway, Iran's Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development Ali Nourzad said “Iran attaches great importance to landscape as an important element in road environment since it entails meeting architectural, cultural, environmental features of each particular region in construction of road.”

“We expect all measures to be tailored to specific characteristics and culture of each portion of the highway,” he underlined.

Managing Director of the National Company for Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Nourzad said the physical progress of beautification process for the highway linking Tehran to Chalus is 40 per cent through adding “all necessary actions through the route are planned to be implemented with respect to three factors of safety, stability as well as harmony and balance with the environment.”

“These factors are also being taken into account for design and construction of toll stations,” continued the official.

Deputy road minister outlined economic justification as yet another important factor involved in the project stating “in addition to compatibility with climate and geography of the region, all actions need to be economically justifiable on the basis of which the best plan will emerge.”

At the end of the session, representatives of the Italian company agreed to present concept designs of the landscape project for the highway linking Tehran to Chalus, located along the Caspian Sea.


Source: Mehrnews

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