Iran’s non-oil exports rise by $10 bln

Iran’s non-oil exports rise by $10 bln

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran’s non-oil exports have risen by $10 billion over the first 4 months of Iranian calendar year, (started on March 20, 2016), said Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad-Reza Nemat-Zadeh.

He said that foreign investment in Iran’s industry and mine sector has reached over $4 billion, adding that two-three foreign investment concluded after the JCPOA would become fruitful soon.

Nemat-Zadeh said that Iran’s exports to South Korea reached 100 million dollars over the said-period in the year before, whereas it reached $1.5 billion in similar period this year.

He said that tallies of Iran’s Customs Organization show that Iran’s overall exports over the four months hit $16.3 billion, while it was about $13.5 billion in the year before, showing 21 percent rise in non-oil exports.


Source: ISNA

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