IKCO to Participate in Moscow Auto Expo

IKCO to Participate in Moscow  Auto Expo

Iran Khodro Company will participate in Moscow Crocus Expo that will be held in the Russian capital from August 24 to September 4.

The company will showcase three cars at the event, namely Turbocharged Soren, Dena and Runna, IKCO Press reported. IKCO, Iran’s largest and oldest auto manufacturer, has exported more than 12,000 vehicles to the Russian Federation so far and aims to expand its presence in the country since the International North-South Transport Corridor and its railroad construction component came into the spotlight after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the issue in a recent summit held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Moscow Crocus Expo is the leading Russian automotive event of the year. According to the expo’s website, exhibitors have scheduled various events. Attendees will have an opportunity to get to know international players of the sector in addition to Russian manufacturers.


Sorce: Financialtribune

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