Iran, Turkey stress expansion of transportation ties

Iran, Turkey stress expansion of transportation ties

Ankara, Aug 19, IRNA – Iranian Ambassador to Turkey Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian-Fard in a meeting with Turkish Deputy Transportation Minister Shaban Atlas discussed finding ways for the expansion of cooperation in the field of transportation.

During the meeting here on Friday, the Iranian envoy pointed to the countries' cultural and religious commonalities between Tehran and Ankara while condemning the failed coup attempt in that country, and said, 'Turkish people's support for democracy in that country is the source of honor.'

Taherian-Fard also referred to the recent visit by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to Turkey and his good and constructive meetings with high-ranking Turkish officials, and emphasized the need for the expanding and deepening of trade and economic relations between the two countries to achieve the $30 billion trade balance perspective.

The Iranian ambassador recalled that Turkey was among the first countries that have cooperated with Iran in removals of the cash exchanges and swift restrictions in the form of Turkish lira and euro, and said, 'It goes without saying that financial and banking cooperation and concurrent boosting the level of relations in all economic and trade areas, including creation of facilities in customs field, transportation and removal of the obstacles greatly helps to achieving the planned goals in a shorter time.'

The Turkish deputy transportation minister, for his part, pointed to the need for closer cooperation between Tehran and Ankara, and said, 'If we as two old neighbors fail to help each other to remove the existing problems we cannot expect anything from others in this field.'

'We should try to prevent emergence of problems in the field of transportation through self-sacrifice and by rendering new solutions,' he added.


Source: IRNA

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