Afghanistan, largest market of Iranian machinery

Afghanistan, largest market of Iranian machinery

TEHRAN, Aug. 09 (MNA) – The manager of Iran’s machinery expo in Kabul recounted that the three day event fruited in good contracts and agreements between Iran and Afghanistan.

“We had never had an exhibition of Iranian machinery and industrial machines in abroad, and the special exclusive exhibition of Iranian production line machinery in Kabul opened a new market for Iran’s machinery,” said Seyyed Alireza Sadrzadeh, the Manager of Iran's Exhibition in Afghanistan, referring to Afghans' welcome of the show.

With initiatives of Iran’s Ministry of Industries, Mine and Trade, the first specialized exhibition of machinery industries of Iran was held in Afghan capital city of Kabul in 16 – 18 July 2016.

Sadrzadeh added that, according to the agreements signed during the course of the expo, Iran has agreed to set up factories and plants of flour, dairy products, ice cream, and some other food industries in Afghanistan to meet some of the Afghans’ needs.

“Paving the ground for producing low tech home appliances was another achievement of the expo,” said the Iranian official. “Afghan officials are after self-sufficiency in producing goods which do not require high technology and big investment, so the event was an opportunity for the Afghans to get familiar with Iranian industry to meet their needs.”

Sadrzadeh also recounted the agreement for increasing the share of one of Iran’s steel companies in Afghanistan’s market.   

Afghanistan has a good capacity in producing nuts that led to the agreement for having Iranian packaging machinery in Afghanistan,” highlighted the senior member of Iran Trade Development Organization, “contracts for selling Iranian wood industries and the machinery of them to Afghans was another accomplishment of the expo.”



Source: Mehrnews

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