US main destination of Iran’s handmade carpets

US main destination of Iran’s handmade carpets

Kashan, Isfahan, Aug 11, IRNA – US is the main destination of Iran’s handwoven carpets, Chairman of Iran’s National Carpet Center Hamid Kargar said on Wednesday.

Speaking in a local ceremony in this central provincial city, Kargar said that Iran exports handmade carpet to 80 countries, mostly to US.

Export of Iran’s handwoven carpets worth of 80 million dollars per year has been cut for five years due to sanctions but resumed after the landmark nuclear deal in 2015 also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the official added.

He said during the past four months, Iran has exported 1,430 tons of handmade carpets earning 83 million dollars.

India and Pakistan tried to take Iran’s place in the US carpet market while Iran was sanctioned in the pre-JCPOA era, but Americans prefer Iranian brand due to its high quality, Kargar said noting that exports of the Iranian hand-woven exports can increase in the near future with relentless efforts and proper advertisement



Source: IRNA

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