NIOC plans to turn spot contracts to long-term with European customers

NIOC plans to turn spot contracts to long-term with European customers

Tehran, Aug 7, IRNA – Director for International Affairs of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Mohsen Qamsari acknowledged continuation of Iran's crude oil export to Europe and said that NIOC is trying to turn spot contracts to long-term contracts to European customers.

He said that Iran's oil export to European countries are in two methods of spot and long-term contracts and in this concern some companies like French Total has signed long-term and some others like Poland has purchased upon spot contract.

The deals upon spot contract, usually aim to observe market situation and considering rate of oil in harmony with refinery and create the opportunity to bargain for long-term contract.

Long-term contract guarantee sustainable oil sale, so the Petroleum Ministry will do its best to replace the current spot contract to Europe to long-term contracts.

Qamsari underlined that Iran has signed spot and long-term contracts with Italian Oil Refiner Saras, Spanish Oil Company Repsol, Hellenic Petroleum of Greece, Royal Dutch Shell and Total of France after removal of the sanctions.

After lifting the sanctions, the Islamic Republic of Iran tried to revive its lost share of the world oil market and since then managed to double its export.

Iran has also a contract for export of 360,000 bpd of crude oil to India and it is now exporting more than 390,000 bpd to this country, Qamsari said.

Four Asian countries importing oil from Iran in June increased more than 47 percent in comparison with the same period of preceding year.
Iran's largest crude oil customers are in Asia



Source: IRNA

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