IKCO & German Mahle to coproduce powertrains

IKCO & German Mahle to coproduce powertrains

TEHRAN (ISNA)- The world's automotive industry has shifted toward three-cylinder turbocharged pwertrains which produce more power and less emission and are less thirsty.

Approaching the idea, IKCO signed a new contract with the German company – Mahle GmbH- to design and develop three-cylinder engines.

According to this around-125-million-euros contract, the output of these powertrains will be 120hp to 160hp with 285 Nm, the emission of which will at least cover Euro6 standard with the fuel consumption of 4 L/100 KM.

During the ceremony, IKCO CEO declared that such contracts will lessen the technological gap between Iran's automotive industry and global car makers and added, "We will design and develop four powertrains that can mostly cover our need for our future cars."

"These powertrains will meet the world's latest technologies and the contract includes full technology transfer, while the second powertrain onwards will be designed and manufactured by IKCO experts," claimed Hashem Yekehzare and sited, "the design will take 30 to 33 months and the pre-production phase will come next, following which 350,000 powertrains will be mass produced annually."

Referring to the reduced time in product development from 46 to 30 months as one of the outcomes of this contract, IKCO CEO emphasized, "57 million euros of the whole project will be accomplished by IKCO."

In the meantime, Yekehzare noted that the mentioned automotive engines could meet Iran Khodro Industrial Group's demand, whereas some performance specifications of them as power, torque, and fuel consumption overtake those of other rivals in the market.

The German Mahle Company is one of the top 20 powertrain designers and producers with 75,000 employees and more than 170 production sites around the globe, presenting its engineering services in countries as America, Germany, Brazil and England.



Source: ISNA

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