VP Upbeat about Iran's State of Industry

VP Upbeat about Iran's State of Industry

TEHRAN (FNA)- First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri expressed satisfaction with the current state of the county's industry and production, saying reports say that the country is currently in a good state and the ground is being paved for reviving the production sector.

Addressing an assembly of the Resistive Economy committee on Monday, the official said the administration has devised plans to ramp up non-oil exports in the current calendar which began on March 20.

He said the customs data indicate that Iran has seen an acceptable rise in its non-oil exports in the first 4-months of this calendar year. 

Iran's non-exports rose by 41 million tons or 36% in the period year-on-year. Besides the value of the exports rose by at least 21% or $16b in the same period.

Iran's trade balance was positive in these four years which means more goods were exported than imported, he said



Source: Farsnews

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