Exports from Khosravi, Sumar borders up

Exports from Khosravi, Sumar borders up

Qasr-e Shirin, Kermanshah prov., July 24, IRNA – The officials of Qasr-e Shirin and Gilan-e Gharb announced that exports from Khosravi and Sumar borders have grown.

An official with Qasr-e Shirin Governor Office said that due to Iraq's request to import more vegetables and fruits, exports from Khosravi official border have increased.

Morad Ali Tatar added that during the previous days, fruit and vegetable exports from Khosravi border increased by 400 trucks per day. 100 trucks of building materials were exported to Iraq, too.

He said that 826,000 tons of products worth $346m were exported from Khosravi and Parvizkhan borders to Iraq in the first quarter of the current Iranian calendar year (beginning on March 20)

He noted that exported products from mentioned borders consisted of grey cement, cake and biscuit, water air conditioner, tomato, tomato paste, water melon, dairy products, construction materials, fruit and vegetable.

As a strategic and important border in Iran exporting 54% of Iranian non-oil products to Iraq, Parvizkhan plays a major role in attracting Iraq's market.

It is worth mentioning that 800 to 1,200 trucks of products are exported from Parvizkhan border to Iraqi Kurdistan per day and 500 trucks of products are exported from Khosravi border to Central Iraq.

Governor of Gilan-e Gharbsaid said that 27,750 tons of products worth $16m were exported from Sumar border market to Iraq in the previous Iranian month of Tir (June 21-July 21) which had 35% rise compared to the previous month.

Karam Mohammadi said that the exported products consisted of cement, vegetable, detergents, glass, steel, stone tiles, stone powder, pipes, air conditioner, raisins, etc. which were exported to Iraq using 1,780 trucks.

He reiterated that some products like pistachio, Teflon containers, granule raw materials, yarn, corrugated papers and mattress are also exported from Sumar border to Iraq.



Source: IRNA

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