Iran, Russia seek further banking cooperation

Iran, Russia seek further banking cooperation

 Iranian and Russian Central Banks seek to shore up banking cooperation and remove the obstacles in the way.

 The Head of Iran's Central Bank, Ali Salehabadi, has traveled to Moscow, heading a financial delegation to discuss bilateral cooperation.

In a meeting held in Moscow, Iran's Ali Salehabadi and his Russian counterpart Elvira Sakhipzadovna Nabiullina discussed the ways to facilitate monetary and banking cooperation.   

The Iranian and Russian top banking officials agreed to strengthen the financial and banking cooperation between the two countries. 

Iran's Salehabadi also met with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, discussing a range of economic topics, including banking, finance, investment, transportation, industry, and commerce. 

Novak, for his part, highlighted the expansion of ties with Iran as a top priority of Moscow and called for the implementation of the agreements reached between the two counties.

Iran and Russia have common interests in economic, military, and security areas and common stances on regional and international issues, including the confrontation with US unilateralism.



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