Minister: Countries of region consider Iran as their friend

Minister: Countries of region consider Iran as their friend

Moscow, Oct 4, IRNA - Iran's Petroleum Minister noted at the end of his two-day trip to Moscow to attend the Russia Energy Week summit that Iran is a friend of the countries of the region.



Bijan Namdar Zangeneh told reporters on Thursday night that we are ready, together with other countries in the region, to uphold the security of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, and this must be done by Persian Gulf States.

He stated that the countries of the region should consider Iran as their friend because Iran is everyone's friend and in this region, we have no enemy and the enemy is out of the region and Iran has not involved in any disagreement in advance or as a creator of it.

Elaborating on his trip, Zanganeh went on to say that on his first day in Moscow (Wednesday) he attended the Russian Energy Week summit and delivered a speech in a panel in which he spoke about the global role of the gas industry and given that Iran's sanctions and regional security were discussed, he outlined the Islamic Republic's positions.

Referring to Putin's speech at the General Assembly of the Russian Energy Week, Iran's high-ranking official made the remark that Putin has also given clear and conclusive answers, including an attack on Saudi oil facilities.

In a speech at the Russian Energy Week General Assembly, the Russian president said that Moscow is opposed to accusing Iran of attacking Saudi Arabia because there is no evidence.

Asked what he thought of the attack on Saudi oil centers, he said that Moscow condemns the attack, but "we are opposed to Iran being accused".

Putin said there have been some real fluctuations in the energy market and the losses Saudi Arabia has suffered are great, but over the last week the situation on the world market has improved and Brent oil prices have now fallen below $ 60 a barrel.

Asked by IRNA reporter on European countries' inability to cope with the US unilateral sanctions, Zangeneh said Western countries want but cannot stand against the United States. They should be able to develop their economy. Perhaps emerging economies by expanding their economic potential can make a balance of power in the world. Now conditions are not suitable, and this has led the US to act unilaterally.

In another part of his speech, the Oil Minister referred to the 21st meeting of the Ministers of Petroleum Exporting Countries, stating that on his second day, he attended the meeting where routine discussions took place and the current Secretary-General from Russia was retained in his position for two years.



source : irna

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