Iran, Syria sign document on employment

Iran, Syria sign document on employment

Tehran, July 10, IRNA - Iranian Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Mohammad Shariatmadari and Syrian Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Rima al-Qadiri signed a 5-year joint document on employment affairs.



Speaking in a ceremony held for signing the document, Shariatmadari said it is a valuable document and will be Iran-Syria roadmap for the next five years.

He referred to the joint plan of action between Iran and Syria, saying it paved the way to develop economic cooperation and bilateral relations.  

He added that another document on vocational field will also be signed.

Al-Qadiri said both sides reached a roadmap for joint cooperation and will try to take practical measures for reinforcing Iran-Syria relations.

Iran and Syria enjoy common grounds for social and marketing affairs which will facilitate future cooperation.

Based on the joint cooperation plan, promoting bilateral relations, knowledge exchange, experience and technical cooperation on social, rural development, supplying capital, employment and entrepreneurship



source : irna

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