Afghanistan to launch shipping line in India-Chabahar route

Afghanistan to launch shipping line in India-Chabahar route

Tehran, Nov 10, IRNA- Afghan Ministry of Transportation announced that it will soon launch a commercial shipping line with the assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran to conduct business activities between Chabahar Free Trade Zone and India.



The Afghan Ministry of Transportation said in a statement that the shipping sector would soon be formed and the ships could operate commercial activities with the flag of Afghanistan in free waters.

Following the inclusion of Afghanistan in the list of countries exempted from the US sanctions against the Iranian people, the country's authorities are seeking to resolve their economic problems by establishing a shipping line from Chabahar to India, according to the report.

Officials from the Afghan Ministry of Transportation say that the plan for the establishment of a shipping line has been shared with neighbors such as Iran, India and other countries in the region, and Iran is supposed to help Afghanistan by investing in this sector, although based on earlier plans the purchase of the ships will be carried out by the Afghan private sector.

Afghanistan's Deputy Minister of Transportation Imam Muhammad Varimach, said that the ships were bought by Afghan businessmen and were entering the international waters by using Afghanistan flag, and the main beneficiary of the project would be the private sector of the country.



source : irna

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