Trade between Iran, EU grows 53% in 2017

Trade between Iran, EU grows 53% in 2017

TEHRAN- Iran-European Union trade in 2017 increased by 53 percent in comparison with the year before, according to European Union’s statistics agency Eurostat.


Eurostat announced that the value of trade between Iran and the European Union member states in 2017 stood at €21 billion, Tasnim news agency reported on Saturday.

Europe’s imports from Iran stood at €10.2 billion in the said time, registering 85 percent increase in comparison with the preceding year when Europeans imported €5.5 billion of Iranian goods.

Iran’s imports from Europe in 2017 augmented 31 percent and reached €10.8 billion, from its previous €8.2 billion in 2016.

Iran-European Union trade balance in 2017 was €600 million in favor of Europe. 

Trade between Iran and European Union was €13.7 billion in 2016, showing 78 percent rise from that in 2015.



SOURCE : tehrantimes

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