China reopens bank accounts of Iranian nationals: Trade official

China reopens bank accounts of Iranian nationals: Trade official

Tehran, Jan 29, IRNA – Head of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce Asadollah Asgaroladi said on Monday that Chinese banks reopened banking accounts of Iranian nationals residing in the country which had been closed lacking 'tax identification code'.



'Since last week, the Chinese banks have started reopening accounts of Iranians which have been closed in the previous months,' Asgaroladi told the Islamic Republic News Agency on Monday.

Most of the closed bank accounts belonged to university students and Iranian tourists who were active in sales and purchases of products, he said.

The bank accounts of some businessmen and Iranian companies were also closed by mistake which all have been reopened, he said. 

All closed accounts are due to be reopened within two weeks, Asgaroladi said.

According to Chinese rules and regulations, all Iranian university students and tourist should obtain relative authorization letter for any financial transaction in the country, he said. 

Asgaroladi said that all accounts that have been closed by mistake will be re-opened in the next two weeks.

He noted that based on the Chinese rules, all Iranian nationals should take authorization letter for financial transactions.



source : irna

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