Tehran, Moscow mull investment opportunities in Iran

Tehran, Moscow mull investment opportunities in Iran

Moscow, June 13, IRNA -- Iran and Russia on Thursday jointly examined investment opportunities in Iran in cooperation with the private sector and preparing grounds to identify untapped economic potentials in the country.

Iran’s Economic Attaché to Moscow Davood Mirzakhani said some 70 industrialists, entrepreneurs and businessmen attended the meeting.

After implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), economic cooperation between Iran and Russia in various economic fields is growing, he said.

Many issues have been resolved in the period such as expansion of banking cooperation between the two countries, normalization of economic and banking cooperation, and promotion of economic infrastructure such as signing legal and basic documents, customs office formalities as well as transportations over past four year, he said.

The two sides also studied venues to reach free trade agreements between Tehran and Eurasia and help finalize North-South transit route as well as expansion of trilateral cooperation between Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan, he said.



source : irna

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