India’s 1st container ship docks in Chabahar

 India’s 1st container ship docks in Chabahar

Chabahar, May 24, IRNA -- A senior trade official announced on Wednesday that an Indian cargo ship with 300 containers of goods, including rice, docked in Shahid Kalantari pier in the port of Chabahar and started unloading its shipments.

Director General for Sistan-Baluchestan Department of Ports and Maritime Behrouz Aqaei told IRNA that Iranian and foreign businessmen may send their goods directly from India to Iran and vice versa and load-unload them in Chabahar.

He added that exchanging goods directly from India to Chabahar will save $750 for each 40-feet container.

Aqaei said that following completion and commissioning the first phase of Shahid Beheshti port's giant ocean-going ships will be able to dock at the port.

Following completion of development plan of the port in the first phase its capacity will increase from 2.5 to 8.5 million tons.

He added that 85 percent discount for store-keeping exporting containers and 75 percent for importing containers is considered in Chabahar Port.

To support goods owners there would be 10 percent discount for tariffs for importing goods and 30 percent discount for Terminal, Handling Charges (THC) in this port in comparison with other ports of the country.

Aqaei said that Chabahar is one of the best places to transit goods from Iran and neighboring states to the other parts of the world.

Chabahar as one of important ports in south of Iran and in north of Oman Sea with strategic position and access to high seas has special position in exchanging goods between Iran and other countries of the region.

Chabahar located in 645 kilometers south of Zahedan, capital of Sistan and Baluchestan province.



source : irna

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