Iran follows up technical projects in Iraq

Iran follows up technical projects in Iraq

TEHRAN, May 22 (MNA) – Head of Iran’s TPO has travelled to Iraq to pursue progress of technical and engineering projects being implemented by Iranian companies in the neighboring country.

Iran is currently working on the al-Zawaraa Stadium with a capacity of 12,500 people as well as the 60,000-seat Altajyat stadium project in Baghdad which are approximately 41% and 30% through, respectively. The railway project between Hejama and Sava is also under construction by Iranian engineering firms.

At joint meetings between Head of Iran's Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) Mojtaba Khosrotaj and Iraqis, both sides investigated obstacles in the way of activities of companies and discussed ways to overcome barriers in order to accelerate projects.

The Iraqi Ministry of Industry possesses about 140 factories which are managed by 30 state-owned companies. To produce goods, these factories tend to supply their required materials and equipment from abroad but, due to lack of competitiveness, the need of other ministries are supplied through foreign products.

Iraq’s Deputy Commerce Minister Walid Habib al-Mousavi, at his meeting with Head of Iran’s TPO Khosrotaj, made the request for participation of Iranian companies to build concrete and medal silos as well as to reconstruct and repair Iraq’s oil silos; a proposal which was accepted by the Iranian side.

A number of industrial factories of Iraq like cable, automotive, steel, chemical, construction materials and sanitary products ones are working with Iranian materials.

During his visit to Iraq, Mojtaba Khosrowtaj also met with the minister of sport and deputy industry and commerce ministers of the neighboring country.


source : mehrnews

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