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Iranian Dental association signed a memorandum of understanding with Biodent brand

The memorandum of understanding signing ceremony between Iranian Dental Association and Biodent was held in Parsian Azadi Hotel.

As part of the ceremony, Biodent’s social responsibility project entitled “Biodent’s dental assistance” was unveiled. According to this project, Biodent, with the assistance of volunteer dentists will work on improving the oral and dental health condition of our compatriots in deprived regions.

In this ceremony, Dr. Ali Tajernia, Chief of Iranian Dental Association, restated: “Iranian Dental Association” does not sponsor any brand. This association has an academic position. The claims and the quality of Biodent chewing gums were studies thoroughly, by this association within several months. And we realized that Biodent chewing gums are produced with very high quality, and today this association proudly declares its approval of Biodent brand.”


Source: Golrang