Azar oilfield cumulative output hits 500k barrels

Azar oilfield cumulative output hits 500k barrels

Cumulative volume of crude production at Azar oil field has exceeded 500,000 barrels though its daily production is scheduled to reach 30 thousand barrels by late May.

Operator of the project for development of Azar oil field Keyvan Yarahmadi made the announcement adding “the first stage of early production at the Iranian oilfield began in early March with a capacity of 15 thousand barrels per day and the field has so far yielded an aggregate total of 500 thousand barrels.”

“As per earlier decisions, the field’s output level will climb to 30 thousand barrels per day by May 21,” he continued.

The ultimate goal to recover 65 thousand barrels of crude oil per day from the joint oilfield in the coming two years. The current recovery factor at Azar field stands at 16 percent though the Iranian Oil Minister Zanganeh has called for a total production of 100 thousand barrels per day in the second phase of the project.

Azar oilfield associated gases will be supplied to NGL 3100 plant which aims to prevent burning to 270 million cubic feet of associated gases and was designed and constructed by OIEC near the oil production unit of Cheshmeh khosh, a town in Ilam Province.

The project is defined to reach the optimal recovery of C2+ product from the associated gases of North Dezful oil fields that at present are being burnt causing both pollution and noticeable losses of gas revenues. This project includes a high pressure electrical power grid consisting of transmission lines and stations. It also includes feed and product pipelines.

Other developmental projects of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) include crude production at South Yaran joint field and elevation of output at South Azadegan joint field which are expected to soon become operational.


Source: Mehr

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