Persian Gulf Star Refinery soon to open

 Persian Gulf Star Refinery soon to open

Hormozgan Governor announced on Tuesday that the first phase of Persian Gulf Star Refinery in Bandar Abbas will be inaugurated by Iranian President shortly.

Jassem Jadori said once other phases of the refinery are completed, Iran will be self-sufficient in gasoline production with overall capacity of 211 million litres.

In addition to gasoline, he said, 14 million liters gas oil would be added to the country's capacity of producing oil derivatives.

According to Jadori, in the refinery which is constructed to run with the capacity of refining 360,000 barrels of gas condensates per day, the condensate will serve as raw material for production of euro 4 gasoline.

The refinery will produce gasoline equal to 66 percent of the output of other refiners of the country in combination.

Bandar Abbas is the capital of Hormozgan province south of Iran, situated on the Persian Gulf coast and has a population of 1,578,183.


Source: Irna

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