Y25-LSd1 Bogie

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The Y25-Lsd1 is a standard UIC-ORE bogie, designed for freight wagons running with speeds of up to 120km/h, the gauge of 1435mm and the load of 22.5t. The bogie consists of wheel set, axle box, suspension, bogie frame, bogie brake, load proportional device and etc. The bogie frame of Y25-Lsd1 is a welded fabrication with the character of high construction speed and low unsprang mass. By adopting spherical surface pivot bearing, the contact area between the pivot bearings of bogie and car body is enlarged, the load is equably distributed, and the ability of delivering longitudinal and transversal force is strengthened, and the ability of delivering longitudinal and transversal force is strengthened. By adopting suspension of two levels stiffness, the vertical stability of tare wagon is improved, so both of the tare wagon and laden wagon are with excellent dynamic performance. By adopting Lenoir devices, the requirement for different damping force of tare and laden wagon is satisfied preferably. By adopting elastic side bearer, the hunting motion stability of bogie is improved. By adopting block brake, acts on both sides of each wheel, the brake efficiency is improved and the block wear is reduced. By adopting weight device, the automatic adjustment of brake force of tare and laden wagon situation is achieved.

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