Skim milk powder (instant)

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Edible Powder

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25 Kg Bags
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3500 MT
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Full Advance Payment
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Skimmed milk powder with instant solubility is a soluble powder that is prepared by spray drying fresh pasteurized cow's milk. This product is used to prepare milk chocolate in the chocolate industry. In the pastry industry, it is a substitute for eggs, and milk powder is added to the dough for the crispness of the pastry.

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What is instant milk powder and what are its uses?

Powdered milk is the result of evaporating milk water and turning milk into powder. Evaporation of tap water increases its shelf life and creates a suitable product for use in food and beverage industries.

There are 2 types of powdered milk:

non-fat powdered milk
whole milk powder

Whole milk powder is obtained by evaporating full-fat milk, and fat-free milk powder is obtained by evaporating skimmed milk. These products retain all the nutrients of milk and are used in the following industries:

Baking products such as bakery, cakes and cookies, biscuits and sweets
Infant and adult formula
Dairy, ice cream and dessert industries
Fast food
Meat products

Powdered milk contains 30% protein and 50% carbohydrates, which covers two important factors in sports nutrition. Skim milk powders have less calories and higher protein and have a higher nutritional value than other milk powders.

Skimmed milk powder is rich in calcium and is very useful for strengthening and growing bones.

Golshad Food Industry Company is one of the largest producers of skim milk powder and instant milk powder in Iran.

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