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The technology of manufacturing and designing farasanat rotary molding machine is in accordance with the latest world standards and by designing a fully automatic control system, it is possible to use time optimally and reach the maximum level of productivity for production. The movement of molds on these machines is designed to achieve maximum product thickness uniformity in two axes, and in addition, machine software has provided the possibility of planning to produce a multi-layer product and change control parameters during the process. The use of high heat acceleration burners and the use of driver and control drivers for car electric motors have significantly reduced energy consumption in these cars. Farasanat rotary molding machines are designed to meet the needs of dear customers with different dimensions and number and types of different arms. Customers should pay attention to the maximum size of the mold they want to produce on this machine when buying. An indicator is used to estimate the rotation space of the mold inside the furnace and the cooling chamber is the maximum rotation diameter. These machines are generally equipped with two types of arms (straight and offset) and dear customers can achieve a combination of these types of arms on the car according to the number of arms. General specifications 1- The machine is designed and built based on appropriate and tested technology. 2- The machine will be made by trained and experienced experts, engineers and technicians. 3- All mechanical parts have a construction plan. 4- All important bearings purchased from the most reputable brands in the world will be used. 5- All fan impellers will be balanced in farasanat tabarestan complex factory. 6- All welded parts will be inspected by the experts of Tabarestan Post-Industrial Complex. 7- Safety standards including the use of protection and cover for chains and other required parts will be applied. 8- The machine made before launching in the factory of farasanat tabarestan complex will be cold started and tested. 9- If interested, the customer will be able to visit the car before sending. 10- Enter locks required for safety in the car will be considered. 11- If the customer requests changes in the structure of the car and these changes are possible and unobstructed from the point of view of Farasanat Tabarestan complex, the necessary cooperation will be done taking into account the price increase and delivery time. 12. All wires and cables will be coded based on the prepared electrical plan. 13- If the customer is interested in the installation process by Farasanat Tabarestan Complex, this is possible by obtaining the installation cost. Accommodation and travel expenses of the employees of Farasanat Tabarestan Complex will be borne by the customer. In addition, the customer must provide all the necessary resources, equipment and infrastructure for the purpose to be announced by Farasanat Tabarestan complex. 14- All electric motors are from Siemens or Ilmaz Turkey products and LS inverters are inverters and other electrical elements are from the best European brands. 15- The car has a one-year warranty from the date of invoice. Furnace specifications 1- Furnace is made using strong steel structures. The body of the furnace is covered inside and outside with steel sheets. The distance between the inner and outer walls of the furnace is covered with heat insulation materials (rock wool) to reduce the heat transfer rate and increase the efficiency of the furnace. The thickness of the furnace body will be about 100 mm. 2- Steel plates used in the structure of the furnace vary from 2 mm to 40 mm. 3- Furnace doors are made using a strong steel frame. The body of the doors is about 100 mm thick and is covered with heat insulating material. 4- During the design, the necessary arrangements have been made to prevent deformation or distortion of the furnace body and structure due to thermal stresses. 5- All power transmission cables and wires have the required cover for safety. 6- A complete package of torch will be supplied with the machine. This burner will be equipped with a suitable gas line to consider safety indicators. The burner is also supplied in two stages to achieve maximum energy savings and productivity. 7- The burner is equipped with an ultraviolet sensor so that if the flame is disturbed and destroyed for any reason, the incoming gas flow will be cut off. Specifications of arms and arm wagons 1- All straight and offset arms have main and secondary axes for mold rotation in two axes inside the furnace and cooling station. The rotational motors of these axes are 4 kW and 3 kW. 2- Power transmission and movement mechanism of main and secondary axles are done by using electric motors, gearboxes. All these electric motors are equipped with electromagnetic brakes to keep the main and secondary axles constant in any required position. 3- It is possible to reverse the main and secondary axes. It is also possible to move the wagon back and forth on the rails. 4- The wagons are on a steel frame and this frame is based on 4 wheels. Cooling station specifications 1- Cooling of molds is done by using forced air flow. 2- 8 powerful fan equipments equipped with 1.5 kW electric motors (2 fan per wagon) are intended for cooling the molds.

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