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Advanced positioning device

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This device is a vehicle locator that sends the moving instant position online to the control center. The distinguishing feature of this device from other detectors is its internal transmitter / receiver module, which enables two-way short-range radio communication with compatible peripherals. Peripheral devices can send information about a variable code, an environmental parameter, the instantaneous status of several input signals to the main device. On the other hand, the main device can send some control signals to the peripheral device or drain its internal memory information through the peripheral device. The radio communication range between these devices will be up to 500 meters outdoors. For example, the peripheral device can be connected to a traffic light and send the moment when it is green or red. As a result, the main device can automatically detect vehicle violations if it crosses that intersection. As another example, the peripheral device can send information about the allowed speed of traffic in a certain area in a certain time range. As a result, the main device, by receiving that information and comparing it with its instantaneous speed, can detect the unsecured speed warning of the vehicle in that area. Similarly, information about the traffic code and other similar parameters can be exchanged between the two devices in this way. The ability to customize the performance of these devices in various organizational applications makes this product more flexible.

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