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 Taking into account the gastrointestinal tract health & preventing infection The nutrition and health of the gastrointestinal tract are two key parameters in the economic production of industrial poultry. Regulating and balancing the ingredients of the diet of poultry and nutrition management has a great influence on the health of the gastrointestinal tract, optimal use of feed ingredients (increasing the efficiency of using feed ingredients), and increase of the animals’ growth. Gastrointestinal problems are caused by improper nutrition and an unhygienic environment, especially within the initial period of chickens’ growth. Considering the health of the gastrointestinal tract at the beginning of the production period and help accelerate the development of this tissue leads to the increase of benefits resulting from the improvement of performance and reduction of diseases and death.  The process of Hypro-Life production The scientific experts and researchers of Nature Biotechnology Company (Biorun) studied the most recent world techniques and used the latest equipment to produce Hypro-Life probiotic. This product includes a special family of Bacillus, which after culture in the industrial fermenters and reaching the maximum population forms a spore by applying predetermined tensions. This spore protects the microorganism against subsequent tensions such as pressure, temperature, pH, and food deficit and it can be used as a probiotic resistant to heat and pressure in the poultry and livestock feed factory. The growth curve of the bacterium during the process of fermentation in the industrial fermenters Figure [Number of bacteria, stationary phase, logarithmic phase, time. Upon commencement of stationary phase and applying the predetermined tensions including finishing the feed and reducing the level of liquid oxygen, the bacterium starts creating spore.]  Resistance to Temperature During the Pelleting Process The bacteria in the Hypro-Life probiotic are resistant to pressure and temperature up to 100 degrees centigrade in the pellet feed production process due to the formation of spore made of calcium and Dipicolinic acid. The spores strengthen the bacteria against disinfectants such as formalin. When entering the gastrointestinal tract of the livestock and obtaining water, food, and oxygen, the bacteria in this product starts germinating and causes some positive effects on the performance of the flock.
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