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The bacteria in this product compete with the pathogenic bacteria for nutritional sources and adhesion sites in the intestinal mucosa by producing a variety of metabolites prevent the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, modify the population of bacteria, stimulate the immune system, and rapid transmission of the pathogenic bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract. These bacteria increase the production of volatile fatty acids (VFA) inside the rumen fluid and reduce the production of Methane, as one of the energy wastes sources. By slight increase of pH and reduction of the concentration of Ammonia in the rumen, increases the production of microbial protein and protein pass rate. Furthermore, the probiotic bacteria absorb the non-ammonia nitrogen and cause positive influences on the capability of digesting Feed components. By preventing the growth of most pathogenic bacteria, these microorganisms cause direct positive improvement effects on nutrition and deactivate beta-glucuronidase and nitroreductase in the intestine of the mammals.

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