Gardenia digital air freshener

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Gardenia is a new generation of fragrances that creates a natural, luxurious and pleasurable feeling in your work and living environment with its gentle release technology. This product has a unique function beyond its minimal and decorative design in ten exciting colors. Most perfumers spray the perfume on an alcohol or water base, smell strong in the first moments and disappear a few moments later when the bases become sensitive. Gardenia does not spray the scent, but gradually spreads the scent without alcohol and allergens in the air in a natural process. Gardenia aromatherapists have created a luxurious and exclusive collection of fragrance capsules inspired by world music masterpieces. Enjoy seeing Gardenia in your favorite color and then close your eyes and let the scent enchant you. Let your happiest moments be tied to luxurious scents and immortalized The device also has a timer and can work with both batteries and chargers. Get a free scent with every fragrance you buy.
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Iranian Standards Organization
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