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Tondar 90
Description :
Tondar 90 is one of the Class B and popular vehicles in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. It owes the popularity to it spacious cabin, simplicity in design and technical features which makes it easy for repairing with good after-sale services. The vehicle enjoys a 1600cc engine with 105 horsepower which is considerable in the class B cars. The engine has 16 valves with electronic fuel injection system. Meanwhile, it has a five lever gear in manual and four lever gear in automat model. Tondar 90 has a strong body and chassis which protect the passengers from direct hurts in heavy crashes. Meanwhile, it has spacious cabin which can accommodate three people with 180cm in height in the back seat. The trunk of the vehicle with its 510 liter capacity is ideal for each families in lengthy trips. All the process to make the body, color, assembling and final procedures are carried out in a production line in Iran Khodro. The high automat level of the production line in Iran Khodro which is one of the largest and most advanced car manufactures in the Middle East usually fills any visitors with great wonder.
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