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Grand Vitara
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Grand Vitara 2.4CC, An Ideal lifestyle The fruit of Suzuki’s tens of years of experience in SUV production has been warmly welcomed across the world. The appropriate sizes of Grand Vitara, its good handling, easy getting on and off, safety and comfort features as well as its elegant and unique appearance and affordable price have turned Grand Vitara into one of the top cars in the market. The multi-functional vehicle enjoys all the features of an urban luxurious vehicle. Due to the growing domestic demands inside Iran for a stronger and more complete version of Suzuki Grand Vitara, Iran Khodro has begun to unveil Grand Vitara 2.4CC with a higher standard in safety, comfort and quality. Stronger, Lower Fuel Consumption VVT 2.4CC engine has a strong driving force with lower fuel consumption compared with its ordinary version. It is also equipped with an adjustable time system for supaps. With its 169 horse power and 227 Newton Meter Torque as well as four-mode power transmission wheel, Grand Vitara 2.4CC is capable of passing easily through steep and twisting roads. Meanwhile, the fuel consumption of the VVT 2.4CC is significantly low. Its manual gear model consumes only 7.6 liter in freeways for each 100 kms. Meanwhile, its consumption in combined cycle model (city roads and highways) stands at just 8.9 liter for each 100 kms. Grand Vitara VVT 2.4CC is produced with two models of gear boxes: Manual and Automat which are both made with the cutting-edge technologies. Power Transmission The power transmission system of the two-wheel drive of Grand Vitara 2.4CC always guarantees the safety of the four tiers of the vehicle along each road. The settings of this system are embedded in the middle console of the vehicle so that the driver can easily customize their favorite mode for the power transmission for the tiers: H4 mode for usual driving in streets and highways H LOCK 4 for snowy and relatively bumpy roads L LOCK 4 for twisting, rocky and rough roads In case of need for neutral gear (freeing gearbox), you simply has to put the regulatory leverage at N mode Suspension System The fully independent suspension system of known as McPherson system and the multi-connection bonds embedded in the back as well as its internal ladder chassis of the car decrease the noise of the body in motion. Lower Noise To lessen the noises from the body, the company has also embedded some new parts in the lower part of the front and back doors and increased the thickness of the glass from 3.5 to 4 mm. A 20% decrease of the body noises is among the results of the new design. Meanwhile, a balanced axis used in the 2.4CC engine also plays a role in lowering the noises of body in motion. Chassis and Body A strong chassis takes the bulk of the weight of the Grand Vitara. The one-piece body of Vitara also decreases the noises. The light weight as well as the one-piece body of the vehicle decrease the distances between the floor of the car and the earth. This creates a more spacious cabin. Meanwhile, the suspension system increases the strength of the tiers and handling capability of the vehicle in the streets and roads. More Options In VVT 2.4CC Grand Vitara enjoys more options compared with its previous model and provides the drivers with an easier and thriving driving experience. In the full-option Vitara, the high-quality audio system is a multi-functional DVD system equipped with an advanced navigation system and a rear camera. Meanwhile, to facilitate audio system use, control keys have been embedded on the steering wheel. The Bluetooth system and a 7-inch touch screen with various capabilities are among other options embedded in Grand Vitara 2400CC. The back seats can be resized (enlarged) by 40 to 60 percent providing the passengers with more comfort. Meanwhile they fold forward to create a more space for movement. Cruise control system, keyless start, navigation screen showing data about the roads and fuel consumption, digital air conditioner, seat heater system for front seats (In full option model) and many others are among the major comfort features of the new version. In the automatic gearbox model, there are two monitors for back passengers. Safer Grand Vitara 2.4CC is a highly developed version compared with its previous models in terms of safety. The full option model enjoys the highest safety standards with Two airbags for the driver and front passenger Two other airbags embedded in the sides for the front passengers and two airbags embedded in the body’ sides for the front and back passengers ABS with EBD and Break Assist systems and disk brake for each four wheels Anti-shocks embedded in the roof, sides and bumpers to protect the passengers from possible hurts in crashes All the above mentioned features along with other safety standards and options including automatic cutting fuel system have enabled Grand Vitara to pass behind successfully a number of crash tests by the most credible institute in this field (EuroNCAP)
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