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It was unveiled for the first time as a luxurious vehicle for Iranians. It is the fruit of hard efforts by the Iranian experts. Peugeot Pars provides its occupants with a highly considerable amount of comfort. The vehicle is still ranked as the most favorite cars among Iranians despite the presence of numerous rivals. To meet the needs of its customers and raising its standards, IKCO has made some changes in the interior design of Peugeot Pars by producing a new dashboard. In addition to an airbag for the driver, the new dashboard has also a separate airbag for the front passenger. This has made the car more favorite among its supporters. Meanwhile, the elegant interior design of the car combined with its safety standard provide the occupants with a nice and tranquilizing experience of driving. Peugeot Pars is produced with two XU7 and TU5 engines at two models of Year and LX.
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