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Collagen Powder Dressing
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One of the substantial concerns in wound healing is the accumulation of different microorganisms and infection at the wound site. Today, due to the proliferation of certain strains of the bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, wound infection is a particular problem, especially in patients with capillary disorders. With the aim of designing a new product in the field of infection treatment, and after numerous studies, Teba Zist Polymer (treetta), has developed an advanced granular formulation based on the technology of using silver crystalline nanoparticles that are effective on inflammation, infection and granulation stages. Due to its unique structure, Silver Crystal Nanoparticles is a novel antimicrobial compound for the treatment of wound infection. It is very powerful in the treatment of infection because of increased specific surface area and increased penetration of silver crystal particles into microorganisms. TEBAGRAN PLUS Ag dressing of treetta product series contains collagen protein-based biopolymer granules and silver crystalline nanoparticles which have been used to treat the infection. The application of silver crystalline nanoparticles to the three-dimensional gel-forming structure of the granules gives a slow-release formulation that creates the antimicrobial effects of silver nanoparticles throughout using the dressing. In addition, the application of collagen protein and other biopolymers in the formulation has greatly accelerated the effect of dressing on the granulation phase and also facilitates wound healing. ّeatures and benefits: - Anti-microbial effects in infection treatment - Anti-inflammatory effects - Long-lasting Anti-microbial formulation - Acceleration of granulation - Acceleration of epithelialization Medical Uses: - Infected wounds - Cavity Wounds - Acute and chronic exudate ulcers - Diabetic ulcers - Pressure ulcers - First and second-degree burns
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ISO 9001, ISO 13485, GMP and FDA QSR 21 CFR 820 (cGMP).
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