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Collagen Powder Dressing

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with the aim of innovation in the healthcare system, after introducing the Advanced Collagen Matrix Dressing with a similar structure to the human skin (TEBADERM), Teba Zist Polymer Company (treetta) lunch its second product named TEBAGRAN. TEBAGRAN of the treetta product series is consists of sterilized bio-polymeric white granules. The granular structure of TEBAGRAN made it ideal for difficult to access cavity wounds. Furthermore, the absorbing structure of TEBAGRAN formulation can absorb wound exudate effectively and turns to gel form. Consequently, it plays a significant role in improving the necrotic tissue debridement. TEBAGRAN Advantages Acceleration of epithelialization Considering the key role of keratinocytes and fibroblasts in wound healing, factors stimulating growth and mitosis of these cells are certainly noticeable at advanced dressings and it has a remarkable role in breaking the defective cycle of healing the chronic wounds. Collagen in TEBAGRAN formulation promotes healing by various pathways such as stimulating fibroblast mitosis as well as decreases the activity of metalloproteinase matrix enzymes at the damaged tissue. This leads to the acceleration of both epithelialization and wound healing procedures. Wound Exudate Absorption The granular structure of TEBAGRAN provides an extended surface area to absorb the wound Exudate in compare to dressing sheets, therefore it has a notable role in the absorption of wound exudate. Wound Moisture Balance After the absorption of wound exudate, the granular formulation of TEBAGRAN provides a moist environment and an ideal condition for the activity of body enzymes. Besides, since it improves the autolytic debridement, the wound healing process speeds up. Wound Surface Covering The granular particles of TEBAGRAN cover the surface of the wound completely so that no area of the wound surface would remain without dressing. Easy Application The granular structure of TEBAGRAN and its proper packaging results in ease of application of product on the wound. Thus, on one hand, it simplifies the function of healthcare team, and on the other hand, it can be used very simply on the wounds with difficult accessibility. No Tissue Damage during the Dressing Change Because of the special structure of TEBAGRAN, granules don’t stick to the wound bed and can be easily wiped out through washing the wound, so not only do not any damages occur to the granulated tissue, but also the patient will experience a dressing change without any pain or even injure.

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