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Collagen Matrix Dressing
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Gold nanoparticles are considered to be the latest achievement in wound healing science, which not only is very powerful in treating infections, but also increases the speed of wound healing due to its amazing effects. treetta Knowledge-Based Company, as a pioneer in advanced wound healing products, is proud to introduce TEBABURN which is the first dressing containing gold nanoparticles in the world. Due to the presence of gold nanoparticles, TEBABURN dressing has shown extraordinary antioxidant effects that reduce wound inflammation rapidly. In addition, it accelerates wound healing by stimulating the growth and mitosis of fibroblast cells and increasing cell migration. Features and benefits: - Acceleration epithelization - Enhancement of autolytic debridement - Protein synthesis and ECM deposition - Stimulation angiogenesis - Exudate management - Anti-inflammatory effects - Analgesic effect - Reducte scar formation - Wound dressing replacement without pain and damage - Anti-microbial effects in infection treatment - Long-lasting Anti-microbial formulation - Pain reduction Medical Uses: - Bruns - Infected wounds - Venous ulcers - Diabetic ulcers - Pressure ulcers - Surgical wounds - cuts and scratches
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ISO 9001, ISO 13485, GMP and FDA QSR 21 CFR 820 (cGMP).
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