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Collagen Matrix Dressing
Description :
TEBADERM PLUS is a collagen matrix dressing contain silver crystalline nanoparticles. The silver in the TEBADERM PLUS dressing, after activating gradually released from 3D dressing scaffold and brings a sustain-release formulation that maintains its antimicrobial effects for up to three days. TEBADERM PLUS Silver dressing with two mechanisms of creating ideal moisture on the wound surface and the presence of collagen in the dressing structure accelerates the wound healing process and facilitates the granulation and epithelialization process. Features and benefits: - Re-epithelization effects - Enhancement of autolytic debridement - Protein synthesis and ECM deposition - Effect on angiogenesis - Exudate management - Anti-inflammatory effects - Analgesic effect - Scarring reduction - No damage and no pain in wound dress replacement - Anti-microbial effects in infection treatment - Long-lasting Anti-microbial formulation Medical Uses: - Diabetic ulcers - Pressure ulcers - First and second-degree burns - Acute and chronic exudate ulcers - Surgical wounds -Venous ulcers
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ISO 9001, ISO 13485, GMP and FDA QSR 21 CFR 820 (cGMP).
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